Ballistic Plates

ISP carries replacement ballistic plates and upgrades. Most of the vests we carry come with specified threat level plate included. In addition, we carry small arms protection inserts, stand-alone plates, ceramic rifle plates, ballistic plates, ballistic protection and ballistic shields. "Stand-alone" plates are designed to stop ballistic threats using the plate alone. A ballistic vest is NOT required for stand-alone plates as all the energy and fragments are stopped in the plate. Stand-alone plates are usually reserved for tactical operations where the ammunition threat is unknown or if the wearing of a ballistic vest is considered too cumbersome. "In conjunction with" or (ICW) indicates that it is NOT a stand-alone plate, but rather, meant to be used in conjunction with a type of bulletproof vest. ICW rifle plates are designed to stop the specified threat within the vest/plate combination. Some fragments may penetrate the plate, but are of reduced energy and are easily stopped by the ballistic vest. ICW rifle plates are lighter, more comfortable, and less bulky than stand-alone plates.