Protective Armor International manufactures one of the most tech-
nologically advanced vehicles available in today's market. This is
due to materials research carried out in conjuction with the U.S.
Armed Forces. The armor for each vehicle is designed to meet spe-
cific threat levels in a defensive position and are available with a
number of optional offensive features. In order to protect the lives
of its passengers, an armored vehicle must withstand various threats
common in high risk areas. Among them are:
  1. Ballistic Attacks Level III (9mm, .44 magnum, .357), Level V
    assault rifles 7.62 and 5.56 using ball ammunition), Level VI
    (anti-vehicular armor piercing).
  2. Explosives (grenades and dynamite)
  3. Forced Entry

To be effective, the vehicle must provide the passenger total protec-
tion during initial attack, maneuverability for quick escape and an in-
conspicuous, low profile look so as not to reveal itself as an armored

Protective Armor International offers two advanced vehicle armor
systems: The SAV Armor System and the 6/5 Armor System.
The SAV Armor System offers protection up to and including 9mm
rounds and explosive protection for close in stand off blast. Trans-
parent armor is mounted in flexible frames to minimize overpres-
sure. Opaque armor consists of plastic composites and is pre-molded
to doors and panels to absorb overpressure. The SAV Armor System
is lightweight, in fact lighter than systems with comparable ballistic
capabilities. Tires feature a run flat system enabling escape even if
tires are shot.

The 6/5 Armor System offers additional protection up to and including
7.62mm rounds and explosive protection for close in stand off blast.
Transparent armor is mounted in stainless steel frames that prevent
windows from being blown inward. The 6/5 Armor System features:
ceramic composite opaque armor (Similar to taht used by the U.S.
Army to armor CH47D Chinook helicopters), special multi-layer com-
posite windows and a low profile appearance.


  • Gun Ports
  • Tear Gas System
  • Tire Protection System
  • Armored Floor/Roof
  • Ram Bumpers
  • Armored Battery Box
  • Armored Fuel Tank
  • Siren/PA System
  • Modified Suspension,

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