BIO: Sudecon Personal Decontamination Towelettes

This premoisted towelette can be used to cool the burn caused by riot
control agents (i.e. tear gas & pepper spray) and to reduce the germ
hazards of cross contamination. Sudecon towelettes are individually 
sealed in easy-to-open pouches that are conveniently designed to fit in 
one’s pocket. Towelettes unfold to a large 8” x 11” size so fewer towelettes 
are needed to decontaminate from blowback, accidental discharge and 
equipment cleanup. 

B-80099-1 Sudecon Towelettes/1 ($3.95 ea + $1.00 S&H)
B-80099-50 Sudecon Towelettes/50 ($99.99 + $7.50 S&H)
B-80099-100 Sudecon Towelettes/100 $189.99 + $12.50 S&H)

SCR: SCRUTINIZER Postal Security Spray
--Manufactured by AERKO International

USE: Renders paper temporarily transparent permitting examination of
contents without damage to envelope.
DIRECTIONS: Attach extension tube to white actuator. Point tube at object
to be treated. Press actuator, hold tube tip about 3/4 inch (20mm) from
paper. Move stream over area to be examined. Slight pressure on paper may
be required for better viewing.
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Look for wires, pressure release devices prima cord,
batteries. timer, etc. Material will evaporate in 30 to 60 seconds leaving no
traces, discoloration or odor. Will not cause smearing of inks or pencil marks.
CONTENTS: Classified.

Price:  $ 29.95 Plus S&H: $5.00 


Brand new carrying bag for your gas mask and extra filters.
Strong canvas fabric with convenient belt straps and velcro compartments.
Color Olive Green.

Price: $12.95 Plus S&H: $5.00
Refunds and Exchanges: Due to the scarcity of the product and safety
concerns we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges.

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