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Page 1: Suns TS-90V hand-held metal detector/body scanner
TS-80 hand-held metal detector/body scanner
SMD-101 hand-held metal detector/body scanner
Garrett Super Scanner hand-held metal detector/body scanner
THD Tactical hand-held metal detector with holster
Garrett Super Wand hand-held detector
Garrett Pocket Probe Enforcer G-2
Garrett hand-held scanner accessories
Page 2: Metal-Tec 1400 hand-held, silent/vibrating detector
Page 3: Walk-through Magnascanner CS 5000
Walk-through Magnascanner MT 5500
Walk-through Magnascanner MS 3500
SUNS Walk-through TS-2000/3000
Page 4: Walk-through Magnascanner PD 6500i
Accessories for walk-through metal detectors
Page 5: Fisher M-SCOPE portable walk-through metal detector
The Only Silent Vibrating Metal/Weapons Detector Designed For Law Enforcement.

Silently alerts the officer to weapons, razor blades,
blades, handcuff keys, and drugs in metal foil, inches
away giving the officer a tactical advantage during
searches and pat downs of suspects.

F7: Price: $149.95  S&H: $10.00

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