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Kimberly Pepper Blaster II

The latest generation in the Pepper Blaster family of less-lethal products, the Pepper Blaster II features an ergonomic grip, front and rear sights and an improve swing-away trigger guard.

- 13-foot range stops a threat at a distance
- Solution causes severe irritation and temporary blindness that lasts 45 minutes
- Swing-away trigger guard reduces the risk of unintentional discharge
- Perfect for college students, joggers, commuters, hikers, or anyone who refuses, to be a victim. Also ideal for discreet security applications

Regular Price $59.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Shipping $7.50

C1 : 1/2 OZ

Price: $12.95 

C2 : 1/2 OZ

Price: $14.95 

C3 : 2 OZ

Price: $14.95 

Accessories not 

C4: 4 OZ

Price: $19.95 

  ASP Palm Defender (Black)
ASP Palm Defender (Black)
ASP Palm Defender (Black)

ASP Palm Defender is lightweight, low profile and easily carried. Smaller than the original Key Defender, It provides Two Million Scoville Heat Units or Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) protection. Made of metal, its made to last and can be re-filled time after time. No throw away toy here. The design provides an easy to use thumb-flip safety, plus its easy to carry in your pocket, belt, or purse with your keys attached. That means its already in your hand at the most vulnerable times…entering your car in a parking lot, your home, or apartment security door. Not sitting in your cars console or the bottom of a purse! Idea for personal protection or law enforcement use. Comes in several colors...ideal for personal protection or law enforcement use, as it doubles as a small kubaton.

Replacement Test (Training) and Heat (OC) Insets are replaceable. Developed by ASP, They are the world's smallest aerosol canisters.

Price: $28.00  
S&H: $5.00

  ASP Key Defender (Black)
ASP Key Defender (Black)
ASP Key Defender (Black)

The ASP Key Defender is a lightweight, low-profile and highly effective defensive pepper spray unit that is easily carried. It provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection.

Straight line activation places a cone-shaped spray on-target.

A positive safety keeps the unit safe and is rapidly released.

The Key Defender body features replaceable Heat (OC) cartriges and Test (inert) cartriges for training.

Larger than the Palm Defender, The Key Defender Measures 5.75"

Price: $30.00  
S&H: $5.00

  ASP Street Defender
ASP Street Defender
ASP Street Defender

Three defense tools in one; key flail, mini-baton and OC spray. Designed to Law Enforcement standards. The 10% formulation, 2 million Scoville Heat Units (SHU) OC Pepper is highly effective.

- Aerospace aluminum construction
- O-ring sealed
- Safety release requires two distinct movements
- Aerosol canisters are date-coded for reliability
- Thirty one-half second bursts
- Ten feet effective range
- 15 grams of OC
- Dimensions: 6.5" length

Black/ Black Textured- $35.70
Electroless- $37.83
S&H: $5.00

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