EOD Bomb Suits

  TamiamiArmor MK 1 EOD Suit and Helmet
EOD Suit and Helmet

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The jacket is a long sleeved, side opening design filled with flexible aramid Armor pack.
Provision is made on the front for the attachment of the rigid throat, chest and groin blast plates by means of buckles, webbing waist straps and Velcro on the collar. The high collar provides overlap protection for the helmet and visor.

The trousers have fully adjustable supporting braces and wide Velcro waistband. The side of each leg has a full-length quick release zip.
The overshoes are attached to the bottom of the trousers. The jacket can be quickly removed by pulling the quick-release straps attached to the side and shoulder of the jacket and the quick release zips on the trousers.

•(as tested with 1.1g, 22 Caliber, 17 grain Fragment Simulated Projectile, according to STANAG 2920 and US MIL STD 662F.)

Suit V50 (m/s)
Front Collar 600
Back Collar 450
Jacket front 600
Jacket rear 450
Sleeve front 560
Sleeve rear 450
Hand covers 450
Front trousers with groin protection 690
Rear trousers 450
Front Thigh 690
Front shin 620
Back legs 450
Shoe covers 450

•The Armor configuration of the suit can be tailored to meet a specific threat assessment. The V50 of the various components can be designed to counter the specific blast and fragmentation requirements of any given threat analysis.

•Protection provided with Blast Plates attached to the front of the suit:

  4mm Armox 500T 6mm Armox 500T
  V50 (m/s) V50 (m/s)
Collar 650 850
Chest 1400 1600
Groin 1400 1600

V50: 610m/s

V50: 600 m/s (17.6 mm thick)
Optional V50 of 700 m/s (21mm thick)

New! TamiamiArmor EOD Suit and Helmet

The TamiamiArmor EOD Suit is designed with the operators comfort and protection as the primary focus. The suit and helmet are constructed from the latest in available material technologies and manufacturing methods. The armor protection available can be tailored to meet any pre-determined threat analysis. The armor comprises multiple layers of soft water repellent Aramid encapsulated in a PVC outer cover for additional protection.

Anti-trauma layering is included in the armor packs. The option of including the steel hard armor anti-blast plates allows for the dramatic increase in the level of protection offered.

The outer cover of the suit is made from HTA Kermel, which is a rip stop inherently flame retardant fabric with superior break open strength and UV stabilization.

The communications system is an integral part of the helmet and is powered from the base station reducing the necessity of carrying large and heavy batteries. The option of allowing the use of radio communications is offered; these are totally VOX operated and require no hands on use during field operations.

The helmet is manufactured using a sandwich construction of composite materials encasing an aramid fiber core. The face shield is constructed from a combination of acrylics and polycarbonate and opens vertically, when closed it is secured with two catches mounted out of the line of sight of the operator. The visors ‘wrap around’ design allows for an uninterrupted view for the operator.

The TamiamiArmor EOD Suit comprises the following components:
• Jacket with semi ridged attached collar
• Hand protectors
• Spine protector
• Trousers, with quick release zips
• Overshoes
• Throat blast plate
• Chest blast plate
• Groin blast plate
• Helmet, with built in fan, and visor
• Integrated communications system
• Aluminium case for helmet and 12v charger
• Carrying bag for jacket and spine protector
• Carrying bag for trousers, blast plates and overshoes



• Molded GRP skin with Aramid core
• Anti – ballistic face shield made from hardened Acrylic/ Pol
• Weight: 4.2 kg

Jacket and trousers
• Outer cover: HTA rip stop Kermel, flame, fire and chemical retardant
• Ballistic inserts made from multi-layered water-repellent aramid.
• Weight: 15kg

Blast plates
Armored steel
Standard 4mm: V50 800 (m/s)
Optional 6mm: V50 1000 (m/s)

•Suit without Armor Blast Plates: 15 kg
•Suit with 4mm Armor Blast Plates: 26 kg
•Suit with 6mm Armor Blast Plates: 31 kg


•12 volt DC (fits into pocket on back of suit)
•Dedicated to helmet ventilation and demisting system

The EOD helmet is made from a composite combination sandwich construction with an aramid core
•Incorporated in the helmet is the communication set consisting of an integral speaker and microphone
•An air ventilation system, which directs the flow of forced fresh air over the top of the helmet liner, across the visor and down over the operator’s face ensuring efficient demisting and clear view. This can be replaced with an NBC forced air filtration system. The visor can be opened and is held in place with two over locking catches.

The helmet has a built in speaker and microphone which are connected to a controller mounted on the lower RH front of the smock. A volume control is situated on the top of the communications controller. Power for the controller is supplied via the base station.. The system provides communication between the bomb disposal operator and his back up at the base station. This is via 100m of cable mounted on a reel.

The optional Hardwire duplex communications is supplied with the base station, headset, and 100m wire on a reel. The wire plugs into the bottom of the controller on the front of the smock.

If two way radios are to be used the controller box is removed from the suit and the radio substituted. The radio is fully VOX activated and does not need to be adjusted by the wearer during field operations.

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  TamiamiArmor Cooling Suit
Cooling Suit

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Heat Removal Rate: 270 watts (full suit)
Endurance min. 45 min at 35 ° C (95 °F)

Cooling Unit:
Control: On/Off Variable speed
Pump: 12V
Cold Source: Water circulating over ice
Power: Independent 12V power supply.

Suit: 1.0 kg
Cooling Unit Dry: 0.5kg
Ice : 1.2kg
Water: 0.7kg

Small: 150-175 cm: 40-75 kg
Medium: 170-185 cm: 70-90 kg
Large: 175-193 cm: 85-110 kg
New! TamiamiArmor Cooling Suit

The TamiamiArmor Cooling Suit is designed to create a cool environment for anyone who must work in extremely hot and/or stressful environments; such as bomb disposal specialists. The Cooling Suit uses ice water to remove body heat; and does not utilize hazardous pressurized canisters or toxic cooling liquids.

The suit is made from machine washable, fire retardant Nomex.

The suit comprises the following:
•Long-sleeved top with cooling for arms and upper body
•Trousers with cooling for legs
•Open faced hood
•A cooling unit and pouch
•Two water bottles
•Battery pack
•Carrying bag

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Bomb Disposal Suit
Provides a light weight ensemble that delivers superb protection against all four major threat areas: Fragmentation, Overpressure, Impact and Heat. The 2000 system is designed to give the wearer the highest range of motion and a significant reduction in weight without compromising protection. Designed to get in and out of in seconds, it incorporates a built in quick release system with breakaway zippers for immediate egress!

Todo el ensamblaje es ligero y proporciona óptima protección contra las cuatro areas más importantes: Fragmentación, Presión, Impacto y Calor. Está diseñado para amplia mobilidad y ligereza, sin que por esto quedase compro metida protección máxima. Tiene un sistema rápido para vestirlo y quitárselo en pocos se gundos.

Price: $12,999.90  S&H: (Price on request)
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Favor de contactarnos para más información y precios. Gracias.

X1: PS-820
Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Made to U.S. Military Specifications for EOD Technicians, the PS-820 has
undergone extensive ballistic and live-fire testing to duplicate a real-life environment. Very popular with Police Departments, the FBI and other Law Enforcement Agencies. The total suit has six separate parts: fragmentation helmet system, torso protector (including protection for arms, front and back), collar, leg chaps with foot protector, groin protector, and a monolithic faceshield/chestplate unit.

Price: $11,000  S&H: (Price on request)

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