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K-9 Vest - Ballistic / Bulletproof Vest K-9 Vest to protect your dog!

Protection for your valuable dog. After spending thousands of dollars on purchasing and training your canine, protect your investment from the increasing attacks by the criminal element.

• The ballistic panel is worn with a series of nylon buckled straps and elastic attachments for comfort adjustment of the animal's body. The elastic straps, sewn into the chest panel's side flaps "gives" to the stretch of the animal's forelegs when running and does not deter the dog when jumping or attacking on command.
• Contoured to the individual dog's size and body, it offers ballistic protection for the animal's chest when engaging in frontal attack, double panel protection over the heart area at each side and over-the-back protection.
• Ballistic protection is available in Levels IIA, II or IIIA. The carrier is made of pack cloth nylon that can be wiped down after each wearing. Quick identification tags are screened on each side of the unit.
• Available with anti stab protection as well.
  A30: K-9 Level II Ballistic

Color: Navy, green or Black
Adjustable shoulder
and stomach straps.

Price: $675.00   S&H: $15.00
A31: K-9 Level II  Stab/Ballistic

Color: Navy, green or Black
Adjustable shoulder and stomach straps.

Price: $895.00     S&H: $15.00
AB14: K-9 Vests -- CALL FOR QUOTE 1-888-299-9750

Navy, Black, Brown, Olive, Red

H8: Protective Shelter with Filter 
for Small Pets. (IN STOCK)

Height: 19"  Width: 23"   Length: 29"
Price: $129.95
    S&H $25.00

       Protect Yourself from Dog Attacks
New! SPRAY SHIELD - Stop aggressive animals humanely.
  • Ward off dogs with a forceful spray of a scent they don't like.
  • Citronella oil, while unpleasant smelling to dogs, won't harm them (or you) like pepper spray.
  • Take canister while running, walking, cycling. Great for dog trainers, kennel staff, dog-sitters, mail carriers and maintenance workers.
  • Uses Citronella odor. Effectiveness guaranteed.
  • Also works on cats, raccoons, squirrels, possums.
Price: $14.95      S&H: $7.50
DAZER II Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent

Take a look! Its small and easy to carry around with!

New! DAZER II Ultrasonic Aggressive Dog Deterrent

Ward off hostile canines with just a flick of a button! --a handy tool for joggers, bicyclists, walkers, mail carriers, police, sales people, the elderly, and more!

The Dazer dog deterrent is a highly effective device for anyone in a situation that meets uncontrolled canines. It produces a fixed high frequency ultrasonic sound that will force aggressive dogs to keep their distance and is also effective against coyotes. The ultrasonic sound is not physically harmful to the canine and cannot be heard by humans. The Dazer does not use any chemicals such as other dog deterrents on the market.


* Ultrasonic technology, the DAZER II produces a discomforting but not harmful high powered sound, audible to dogs not to humans
* Helps stop the approach of unwanted dogs at up to 20 feet
* Useful aid in training dogs.
* Made of lightweight high impact plastic, the DAZER II features a belt clip and low battery indicator
* Includes 9 Volt High Energy Alkaline Battery and is covered under the manufacturer's warranty
* Dimensions: 4.5 inches long x 2 inches wide x 1 inch deep

Price: $
34.95      S&H: $7.50  
Stun Gun - 100,000 Volt

D1: 100,000 Volt Stun Gun

Price: $49.95
(Check your state restrictions)

Wrist Strap Stun Baton
D2: 200,000 Volt Wrist Strap Stun Baton

Price: $89.95 
(Check your state restrictions)
Stun Gun - 300,000 Volt
D3: 300,000 Volt Stun Gun

Price: $69.95

(Check your state restrictions)
Blinking Security BeltBlinking Security Belt Blinking Security Belt

Perfect for:
-- Jogging
-- Night biking
-- Night working
-- Skiing
-- Street cleaning
-- Traffic control

Regular: $30.00  Special: $19.95 ea.    S&H $4.00

Eight (8) in stock
Refunds and Exchanges: Due to the scarcity of the product and safety concerns we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges. Although the Israeli Masks and the Protective Suits are new, we are acting as a distributor and can not be held responsible for the levels of protection.

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