A selection of new branded Tamiami International Equipment products are now available. Tamiami is a leader in high performance, protective technologies, including state of the art ballistic technologies for the US Military, Federal Agencies, state and local law enforcement and corrections.

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Tamiami - Stab-One™ Vest

Designed with the most advanced stab / ballistic material on the market today, our Stab-OneT line of body armor will protect you from knives, ice picks, stilettos, prison-made shivs, and guns.

Tamiami International Equipment line of body armor is leading the field with new stab resistant technology. Developed by DuPont, an amazing new material was introduced called Kevlar® Correctional™. It is manufactured with a superfine fiber that is woven into a very dense fabric which resists penetration by even the smallest tip. Kevlar® Correctional™ is four times thinner than normal ballistic fibers (for an ultra dense weave) and five times stronger than steel. With unsurpassed strength and flexibility, this is the premier stab-ballistic material on the market today.

Tamiami International Equipment has combined this new technology with our own combination of ballistic materials to provide the ultimate in protective body armor. As a result the Stab-One™ line is the first all-fabric, concealable armor designed specifically for officers who need protection from both stab threats and guns. Available in all NIJ Threat Levels, the Stab-One™ line is lightweight, and flexible, making it easily wearable all day long.

All Stab-One™ body armor is compliant with the California Ice Pick Test. This test was implemented by the California State Correctional System to test body armor designed for daily wear by correctional officers. The following is the standard specification for the California Ice Pick Test:

• Available in both Male and Female styles
• Available in Ballistic/Stab-Shank Armor upon request

Ballistic Coverage
Available in NIJ threat levels II

Strap adjustment types
• 6 point elastic adjustment straps to ensures the perfect fit
• The double adjustment straps on the shoulders, properly suspends the body armor for maximum comfort and prevents the ballistic panels from sagging.

Plate pocket size (Choice of soft or steel plate included)
• 6” x 8” pocket size
• Available plates
- Soft trauma plate
- Steel plate

- Optional rear plate pocket

Ballistic panel cover material
DuPont Nylon Supplex-3ply (keeps ballistic panels clean and dry)

- Breathable
- Water resistant
- Color: Black

Outershell cover material (Ballistic panels are removable)

Poly/cotton outershell

- Breathable
- Water resistant
- Machine washable, easy to clean
- Colors: All Camouflage, Black, White, Blue, Tan, others available

Sizes (Custom sizing available)
• Small (34-36)
• Medium (38-40)
• Large (42-44)
• X Large (46-48)
• XX Large (50-52)
• XXX Large (54-56)
• XXXX Large (58-60)

Vest Lengths
• Short
• Regular
• Long

•All Camouflage, Black, White, Blue, Tan, (others available)

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The DuPont Drop Tester measurers the puncture resistance of this new material. Vests made with Kevlar® Correctional™ were the first all fabric vests to pass the “California Ice Pick Test.”

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