100,000 VOLT Hand Held Stun Gun

Price: $49.95
Stun Guns are designed for use as a deterrent as well as an active self defense device. In the situations that involve close contact, a stun gun will immobilize a potential attacker for several minutes, without causing any permanent damage. In most states there are no legal restrictions against carrying a stun gun. Stun guns operate on a 9 volt nickel cadmium rechargeable battery or a 9 volt alkaline battery. The technology employed inside the unit steps up the voltage anywhere from 60,000 volts and up, depending on the unit, while maintaining an extremely low amperage rating.

The low amperage ensures no permanent harm, but the high voltage produces an electrical current that works directly to disrupt an attacker's neuraland muscular system, immobilizing him. A 5-second burst will cause loss of balance and muscle control, mental confusion and disorientation, leaving an assailant dazed.