10"x12" Polyethylene Plate Level III ICW

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This plate is designed to achieve NIJ Level III protection when worn in conjunction with an NIJ certified Level IIIA Vest. "In-conjunction" plates are designed to stop the specified threat within the vest/plate matrix. Some fragments may penetrate the plate, but are of much reduced energy easily stopped by the ballistic vest worn underneath. "In-conjunction" plates are lighter, more comfortable, and less bulky than stand-alone plates. Only weighing, 2 lbs, its one of the lightest ballistic material on the market. 


100% Polyethylene
Size: 10" x 12" Front/Back: Front & Back capability
Finish: Plastic Cover Protection Level: NIJ Level III ICW Level IIIA Vest Thickness: 25mm Maximum Weight: `2 lbs (1.7 k)