10"x12" Polyethylene Plate Level III

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This plate is designed to achieve NIJ Level III protection and is a "Stand Alone" plate. "Stand-alone" plates are designed to stop ballistic threats using the plate alone. No ballistic vest is required, as all the energy and fragments are stopped in the plate. These plates are usually reserved for tactical operations or anti-terrorist work where the ammunition threat is unknown, or if the wearing of a vest is considered too cumbersome.  Only weighing, 2 lbs, its one of the lightest ballistic material on the market. 


100% Polyethylene
Size: 10" x 12" Curvature: Single Curve Front/Back: Front Finish: Plastic Cover Protection Level: NIJ Level III Stand Alone Thickness: 25mm Maximum Weight: 1.7 kg
Manufacturer Part No: PE1012 #IA0037