ASP 56113 Hinged Handcuffs, Aluminum

Price: $53.55
Tactical Hinged Handcuffs incorporate a four point aluminum connection. The rivetless exterior design allows the cuffs to lie flat in a case or on the belt. The restraints provide increased control of the most resistant subjects. Its aluminum material combines a forged bow with an overmolded stainless steel frame to make these cuffs strong, smooth, and light weight.

These ASP handcuffs provide a major advance in the design and construction of wrist restraints. Strength potential has been maximized by using an interlocking, unitized frame. The handcuff structure is forged from high-strength aluminum on custom built, high speed progressive dies. The lock assembly is unitized and replaceable.


  • Lightweight - weighs less than 9 oz.

  • Interlocking unitized frame

  • Dual keyway

  • Deep set teeth for extra security

  • Radiused edges

  • One direction unlock

  • Colored double-lock indicator

  • Includes standard handcuff key

  • Fits in hinged handcuff pouches (will not fit in standard chain pouches)

  • Serialized