ASP Key Defender Pepper Spray 2oz w/Heat Black Text

Price: $30.00
ASP Key Defender Pepper Spray w/ 2 oz (Black)

The Palm Defender is only 4-3/8" long, while the Key Defender is 5-3/4" long. Both units are 5/8" in diameter. The Street Defender is a bit larger but it holds more spray. It is 6-3/4" long and 3/4" in diameter. All of the Defenders are available in Black

The ASP Key Defender is a lightweight, low-profile and highly effective defensive pepper spray unit that is easily carried. It provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection.

Straight line activation places a cone-shaped spray on-target.

A positive safety keeps the unit safe and is rapidly released.

The Key Defender body features replaceable Heat (OC) cartriges and Test (inert) cartriges for training.

Larger than the Palm Defender, The Key Defender Measures 5.75" 2 oz spray

NOTE: It is illegal to buy pepper spray by mail or through the internet  from Hawaii, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan,New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin