Bullet Resistant Wall Panels

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Ceramitized Glass Armor Opaque, Size 4'X8' Flat Sheet.
Specially fabricated from wovenroving glass fiber materials, laminated with thermo active resins. Each laminate cures under high temperature and pressure to create rigid inserts capable of greatly enhancing the performance of flexible armor systems when the CGA is used as a "strike face". Each projectile impact creates a sequence of programmed delamination, effectively decreasing projectile speed while deforming the incoming projectile. It has the ability to capture secondary projectile fragments, commonly called spall. Especialmente hecho de fiberglass y laminado con resinas.
  • Level IIA (stops NIJ 38, 357 & 9m/m)
  • Level III (stops NIJ high power rifle caliber)
  • Bullet Resistant Framing also available upon request.
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