Complete Coverage Concealable Vest Level II

Price: $289.95
This bulletproof vest offers complete concealable coverage, fully protecting the front, back and side of the torso. The ballistic panels come together at the torso, wrapping around the side of the vest. The side panels make this vest a lightweight and comfortable option, offering full maximum protection of the upper torso.   The side of the vest holds 4-point elastic adjustment straps ensuring the perfect fit. With double adjustment straps on the shoulders, the body armor is properly suspended over the body for maximum comfort. This also prevents the ballistic panels from sagging. The plate pockets measure 6” x 8”. The outershell cover is made of poly/cotton, machine washable material, making it breathable, water resistant and easy to clean. The removable ballistic panels are made from DuPont™ Nylon Supplex-3ply material,keeping them breathable and water resistant as well. It comes in several colors such as blue, black, white, camouflage and tan.   Ballistic coverages are available in several up-to-date NIJ Standard threat levels:

Level II
    •  Stops .357 Magnum bullets through higher velocity 9mm weapons. The user is protected against .357 Magnum jacketed soft-point bullets with nominal masses of 10.2 g (158 gr.) impacting at a velocity of 425 m/s (1,395 ft/s) or lesser threats, and also against 9mm full-jacketed bullets with nominal velocities of358 m/s (1,175 ft/s). Users are also protected against most other factory loads in caliber .357 Magnum and 9mm, as well as the Level I and IIA threats.

This vest also comes with a warranty: outer cover is under warranty for 18months, while ballistic panels are under warranty for 5 years.  

Strap adjustment types: 4 point elastic adjustment straps to ensures the perfect fit. The double adjustment straps on the shoulders, properly suspends the body armor for maximum comfort and prevents the ballistic panels from sagging.
Plate pocket size: 6” x 8” pocket size
●     Ballistic panel material(2 Options): DuPont™ Nylon Supplex-3ply (keeps ballistic panels clean and dry). Choose from: Breathable or Water resistant  
Outershell Cover Material:Poly/cotton outershell. Ballistic panels are removable
Manufacturer Part No: PP-A7-II


  • Navy Blue
  • Black ( Add $25.00 )
  • White ( Add $25.00 )
  • Tan ( Add $25.00 )
  • Desert Camouflage ( Add $25.00 )
  • Woodland Camouflage ( Add $25.00 )

Sizes (based On Chest)

  • Small (34"-36")
  • Medium (38"-40")
  • Large (42"-44")
  • X-Large (46"-48")
  • XX-Large (50"-52") ( Add $25.00 )
  • XXX-Large (54"-56") ( Add $50.00 )
  • XXXX-Large (56"-60") ( Add $75.00 )

Trauma & Ballistic Plate Options

  • 5x8 Soft Trauma ( Add $25.00 )
  • 5x8 Steel Trauma ( Add $35.00 )
  • 5x8 Soft Trauma Level IIIA ( Add $40.00 )
  • 5x8 Steel Plate Level III ( Add $139.95 )
  • 5x8 Ceramic Plate Level IV ICW ( Add $145.00 )
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