"Contour" Concealable Vest IIA (No Side Protection)

Starting at: $259.95
The Contour Style Bulletproof Vest is designed for front and back coverage and is made of lightweight materials, making it easily concealed under most clothing. This uniquely-shaped concealable vest is also designed with comfort in mind, with features intended to provide optimal ventilation and heat dissipation.   The side of the vest holds 6-point elastic adjustment straps ensuring the perfect fit. With double adjustment straps on the shoulders, the body armor is suspended over the body in such a way that provides maximum comfort.

Aside from comfort, the adjustment straps also prevent the ballistic panels from sagging. The plate pockets measure 6” x 8”. The outershell cover is made of a poly/cotton blend that is machine washable. The fabric makes the vest breathable, water resistant and easy to clean. The removable ballistic panels are made from DuPont™ Nylon Supplex-3ply material.

Ballistic coverage is available in up-to-date NIJ Standard threat levels: for this vest, the level IIA stops .22 caliber bullets through lower velocity 9mm weapons.


IIA Ballistic coverage:
Can stop .22 caliber bullets through lower velocity 9mm weapons.

Strap adjustment types: Double adjustment straps on the shoulders allow for the vest to fit properly and snug around the upper torso, providing comfort and preventing the ballistic panels from hanging too low.

Plate pocket size: 6” x 8” pocket size

Ballistic Panel Cover Material: Made from DuPont™ Nylon Supplex-3ply
Outershell Cover Material: Poly/cotton outershell. Ballistic panels are removable.
       Cleaning: Machine washable.  
Warranty: Outer cover is under warranty for 18 months, while ballistic panels are under warranty for 5 years.

Manufacturer Part No: SP-A3-IIA


  • Navy Blue
  • Black ( Add $25.00 )
  • White ( Add $25.00 )
  • Tan ( Add $25.00 )
  • Camouflage ( Add $25.00 )

Sizes (Based on Chest)

  • Small (34-36)
  • Medium (38-40)
  • Large (42-44)
  • X-Large (46-48)
  • XX-Large (50-52) ( Add $25.00 )
  • XXX-Large (54-56) ( Add $50.00 )
  • XXXX-Large (58-60) ( Add $75.00 )


  • Short
  • Regular
  • Long