CoolCop Body Armor Air Conditioning System

Price: $54.95

On a hot day there's nothing more uncomfortable than having to wear a T-shirt soaked with sweat. Add a bullet proof vest over it and no amount of air conditioning coming from your car vent is going to keep you cool and dry. Coolcop™ gives you relief!

Coolcop™ attaches to your vehicle's A/C and directs cold air behind your vest where you need it most. You stay cool, dry, energized, and ready to face the heat on the street. Coolcop™ works with most common types of police vehicles including Ford-Crown Victoria, Ford Expedition, and Chevy Caprice.

The Coolcop™ dashboard attachment affixes to the A/C vent using non-damaging Velcro®. The vest attachment and hose are then connected to the A/C vent and the attachment is inserted over your uniform shirt between your vest and undershirt. Cool air is then delivered under your vest.

Coolcop™ comes complete with an air vent attachment, 6' of flexible hose and a comfortable soft vinyl vest attachment, all in a convenient draw-string duty bag.. The "Crown Victoria" model has a snap-in feature and fits all years of the Crown Victoria. The "Universal" model installs using a variety of clips that attach to the louvers or inside edges of the vent, and fits most vehicles including the Impala, Charger, Expedition, Explorer and HumVee.

Available Models:
CC02-CV - Crown Victoria
CC02-UNI - Universal

Manufacturer Part No: CC02-UNI-6


  • CoolCop Crown Victoria
  • CoolCop Universal