Dupont Tychem SL122T Chemical Suit w/ Hood and Boots

Price: $79.95
DuPont™ Tychem® SL is an effective protection against a range of chemical environments. Tychem® SL, uses Saranex® 23-P film laminated to Tyvek® fabric to provide a rugged and durable fabric. Tychem® SL  provides at least 30 minutes of protection against >124 chemical agents. Typical applications: chemical mixing, hazardous remediation, emergency medical response, paint spraying, and nuclear environments.
  • Seams provide strong chemical resistance against heavy liquid splashes. A sewn seam is covered with a strip of compatible chemical-resistant material through heatsealing.
  • Attached hood with elastic around face 
  • Elastic opening for tighter fit around the wrist
  • Integrated socks


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