Garrett Walk Through Magnascanner MT 5500

Price: $3,599.00
This is a Garrett Walk-Through Weapons/Metal Detector for high security buildings and airports.

1) Indicates on which side target is located
2) Absolutely uniform detection field eliminates "hot spots"
3) Microprocessors in both detection and control circuitry
4) Even greater sensitivity for detecting weapons
5) Multiple-coil circuitry minimizes false alarms Increase Operating Flexibility.
6) Audio and alarm lights indicate on which side target is located
7) Touchpads and backlit LCD for greater ease and clarity
8) Precise control of program/sensitivity settings
9) Continuous on-line reports of operating status
10) Tamper-proof settings through computerized access codes Proven Reliability, Quality and Value.
11) Meets latest requirements of FAA and other regulatory bodies
12) Complete and automatic self-diagnostic program
13) Rugged, yet designed for easy and quick assembly
14) Optional battery pack, auto voltage regulation for use anywhere
15) Simplified method for achieving optimum settings
16) Meets international standards for CE regulations
Manufacturer Part No: MT 5500