M17 Series Chemical-Biological Gas Mask

Price: $99.95
An M17-series chemical-biological mask, when properly fitted and worn with the hood, protects against field concentrations of all known chemical and biological agents in vapor or aerosol form. Filter elements, in the cheeks of the facepiece, remove the agents from air entering the mask. When the air has a low-oxygen content, such as in tunnels or caves, or when the air has a high level of smoke mixtures, the mask will not protect the wearer. Do not use it for firefighting. It does not protect against ammonia vapors or carbon monoxide. It also is not designed for radiological protection. However, worn properly, it provides added alpha and beta dust inhalation protection, and soldiers should wear it in all known situations until the contamination is identified.
  • 1 Biochemical Filter included
  • A voicemitter to facilitate communication.
  • A tube for drinking water from the canteen while masked.
  • Two outserts to protect the eye lenses and to prevent fogging in low temperatures.


  • M17 Protective Hood ( Add $9.95 )
  • M17 Filters (2 in a package) ( Add $19.95 )
  • M17 Carrier Bag ( Add $14.95 )