Mace 80145 Screecher Sonic Blast Alarm

Price: $9.95

Mace® Screecher alarm transmits an ear-piercing 125dB shrieking sound, easy-to-use self defense product. Can be heard up to 1/4 mile away! Recognized emergency. Perfect for children, women, the elderly, the deaf or the sick.

  • Security accessories type: Personal safety alarm
  • Transmits a high pitched 116 db
  • Screecher 116 dB aerosol alarm makes a loud shriek, 10 gram unit has push-top activator and contains 30 short blasts
  • Personal safety alarms provide a loud emergency call for help when needing to seek the immediate attention of people around you
  • Screecher sonic blast is air-powered alarm that is compact and safe to carry in a pocket or handbag
  • It has a push-top activator that is simple to use just like an air-horn, and emits a high-pitched 116 dB shriek so you can be heard at a distance
  • You can safely protect yourself in a threatening situation with a mace screecher personal safety alarm
  • Features: 116db alarm shriek, up to 30 short alarm blast, up to 1/4 mile audible range, easy to use - point nozzle and press