New NBC Israeli Gas Mask Filter 40 mm

Price: $49.95
NBC Filter Israeli Type 80 canister was developed for the Israel Defense Force (IDF) to provide protection against all known NBC agents in the form of vapours and aerosols. It is supplied as an integral part of all Shalon's personal respiratory protection systems.
Made by MESTEL, it  fits the M95 Gas Mask, The Promask 2000 Gas Mask, and the SGE 150, 400, 400/3 and 400/3 BB gas masks. Manufactured in the USA by SGE, The MESTEL Cartridge is compatible with Face Masks that previously used the M95 Filter Cartridge which has recently been discontinued. 40 mm NATO When accompanied with a face-piece (e.g., Full Mask) a respirator forms a filter apparatus. Filter apparatus sets are used to remove harmful gases, vapors and solid particles from inhaled air. The performance of this filter complies with EN 141, 143, and 371 as well as other regulations. EC type approval test certificate, granted by accredited and notified test institute FORCE Institute - FORCE-Dantest CERT - Park Alle 345 DK-2605 Brondby.
Manufacturer Part No: M19