PASGT Delta Force Helmet Level IIIA with Level II Face Shield

Price: $459.95
The innovative design of our PASGT Tactical Helmet delivers maximum protection, comfort, and maneuverability. Exceeding military specification MIL-H-44099A and providing NIJ Standard Threat Level IIIA protection, our helmet is superior to the PASGT (Personal Armor System Ground Troops) in form and function. Specifically cut and shaped around the ears, our Tactical Helmet provides optimal hearing so that agents will not be disadvantaged in hostile engagements. With superior shock absorption properties, and a three-point adjustment/suspension (which is offset from the helmet to protect from helmet deformation) our Tactical Helmet is simply the best ballistic helmet on the market today.  Designed to provide the wearer with ballistic and fragmentation protection. It has been tested by an independent laboratory with the 9mm 124 grain FMJ round at N.I.J. Threat Level II velocities. The shell is constructed of Kevlar® ballistic Aramid cloth layered and bonded with impregnated resin. The PASGT Helmet provides full frontal protection and is designed with an ear relief to provide an extra margin of protection to the temporal areas. The suspension system is a nylon webbing assembly that screws to the helmet shell. It has a sliding sizing system constructed of nylon and leather. The retention system is a sling suspension design with a chin strap. The helmet is constructed under rigid military specifications and meets military MIL-H44099A standards. Standard Features Ideal for Spec Ops, SWAT, and Tactical and Anti-Riot Personal
  • Offset Three point suspension system
  • Interior shock absorption system
  • Ergonomically fit
  • Optimal ambient hearing
  • Communication device friendly
  • Ballistic collar friendly
  • Adjustable headband
Ballistic Coverage
  • NIJ Threat Level IIIA (Helmet)
  • NIJ Threat Level II (Face Shield)
  • Exceeds military specification MIL-H-44099A
  • Exceeds Current PASGT helmet
Size                    Headsize                                 Threat Level           Weight
Medium              21-23 inches (53-58 cm)          Level IIIA                 2.4 lbs. (1.09kg) Large                  22-24 inches(56-61 cm)           Level IIIA                 2.8 lbs (1.27kg)
Black, Blue
Manufacturer Part No: #IA0029


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