Point Blank Interceptor Tactical Vest

Starting at: $2,195.95
We are proud to safeguard those that serve to protect and share in the vision of freedom and preserving life. Revolutionary in design and unparalleled in comfort and functionality, the International Interceptor™ is virtually the lightest and most technologically advanced protective system in the world. This side-opening vest features ergonomic solutions for improved weight distribution, a single point emergency break-away system, and additional design features which can be adapted according to the anticipated threat and mission specific needs. Your order will be made custom and will take 4-6 weeks to be manufactured. Features:
  • Emergency Break Away System allows the vest to be easily removed with one quick pull
  • Self Suspending Ballistic System keeps ballistic panels in place, preventing sagging and/or bunching that can expose vulnerable areas
  • Multipurpose Side Wings secures the vest around the waist, provides adjustment, allow break-away, offers load attaching points for the sides of the vest and holds the side plate pouches which are adjustable both vertically and horizontally, using the MOLLE attachment method
  • Internal Elastic Cummerbund provides stability for the vet, additional load bearing support and improved comfort
  • Adjustable front, back, side ballistic plate pockets allows insertion of 25.4cm x 15.8cm hard armor plates
  • Lower back/kidney protector
  • Dual size collar options
  • Neck adjustment system
  • Mesh interior lining
Ballistic Threat Levels Available in up-to-date NIJ Standard threat levels 

Level IIIA: $2,195.95
  • Protects against higher velocity bullets such as .44 magnum and .357 Magnum and 9mm ammunition.
Level III: $2,475.95
  • This body armor is heavier than the lower levels. It is worn full time by officers seeking protection against higher velocity .357 Magnum and 9mm ammunition.
Level IV: $2,645.95
  • Stops high powered rifle
  • Thorshield™ Electroshock Weapon protection
  • Level III or IV Hard Armor Plates
  • Additional Equipment Pouches
  • Custom Agency ID Placards