Police Anti-riot Polycarbonate Shield 36x20

Price: $79.95
Anti Riot Shield – Clear Polycarbonate Blank The Police Anti Riot Shield – Clear Polycarbonate Blank provides you with protection against impacts from sticks, bats or thrown items. In the chaos of a riot, it is often easy to lose sight of your surroundings. The clear shield allows you see what is occurring while keeping you safe. Manufactured using clear polycarbonate this shield will not shatter. Easy to carry design includes a heavy duty aluminum handle and a nylon web strap that is adjustable. This lightweight shield weighs 6 pounds and is 3 ½’ long. Order the Anti Riot Shield – Clear Polycarbonate Blank today! Benefits of the  Anti Riot Shield:
  • Manufactured with a durable clear polycarbonate allows you to see 
  • Aluminum handle and adjustable web strap secures this shield to make carrying easy
  • Lightweight design is a total of 6lbs
  • ISO 9001;2000 Certified
Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the  Clear Polycarbonate Police Anti Riot Shield: This shield is for impact protection only, not bullet proof. Standard Measurements for  Police Anti Riot Shield – Clear Polycarbonate: 36” long x 20” wide 1/8” thick