Portable Vehicle Barrier

Price: $11,184.00
Portable Vehicle Barriers (PVBs) can be folded down quickly – moved and stored with ease – the PVB is reusable and durable. Best of all NO maintenance is required. Made in the USA means jobs in the USA and supporting national economy. Ordering is quick and easy allowing us to make the PVB available to your agencies immediately. 

Quantity: 16 barriers in a pack - Blocks 16 Cars - Covers a 24 Foot Roadway.

Optional: Steel carrying case $1600.00

The reason the PVB is used by agencies and militaries across the globe is that it uses low technology and basic physics to stop a threatening vehicle in its tracks. Two adults can deploy the barrier in minutes, and there is no need for electricity whatsoever. 
  • Quick assembly for immediate threats 
  • High impact capabilities 
  • Flexible length for any size vehicle 
  • Easy and efficient storage with foldable units 
  • No maintenance 
  • Light to carry by hand 
  • No assembly tools required 
  • Can add anchoring devices 
Tested on a wide variety of different road surfaces including sand, grassy areas, asphalt, concrete, well maintained surfaces as well as roads in very poor conditions, the PVB succeeded in testing on all these surfaces. However, it is most effective on off-road surfaces due to its ability to dig into the ground and remain holding. The PVB can be deployed on grassy areas to stop 4 x 4 off road vehicles. It can be used to provide perimeter protection to a helicopter landing site and can be placed in a Z formation to slow traffic. A four lane road can be fully closed in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Minimum – against ramming 2 ton vehicle at 40 mph 
  • One line of two units per 1 yard to the road's langht 
  • High – against ramming 10 ton vehicle at 40 mph 
  • Two lines of 2 units per 1 yard in each 
  • Maximum – against ramming 10 ton vehicle at 55 mph 
  • Three lines of 2 units per 1 yard in each