SGE 400/3 Gas Mask with Filter

Price: $190.00
Mestel Safety SGE 400/3 gas mask and filter is one of our most popular gas masks and one of the best available anywhere at any price.

The SGE 400 series masks are the newest design from SGE and have
many features not found on the SGE 150 and earlier SGE 400 models such as:
  • Lens treated with a special Siloxane chemical & scratch resistant coating
  • A moisture relief valve is added for enhanced user visibility & comfort
  • The entire face seal is made from medical grade silicone which has excellent chemical permeation resistance, provides a superior seal against the face & is far more comfortable to wear than conventional rubber face seals.
  • Comes with brand new SGE MESTEL FILTER

  • Internal Drinking tube system installed
Used by police departments & military personnel throughout the US
Manufacturer Part No: TEC-M21


  • Small/Medium
  • Medium/Large

Mask Package

  • Mask Only
  • Mask + 1 NBC Dragger Filters ( Add $30.00 )
  • Mask + 2 NBC Dragger Filters ( Add $60.00 )