SUNS TS-90V Vibrating Hand-Held *DELUXE PACKAGE*

Price: $129.90
The TS-90V is ideal anywhere you might need security checks. It is sensitive enough to detect objects the size of a 25-cent coin. Less expensive than its brand name counterpart, ($60 less), lighter and comes with a carrying case. It sounds a high-pitched tone whenever it detects metal. You can use rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery for power, and recharge it in the Body Scanner. Other noticeable features include a Red LED indicator Light, a De-Sense Button, and optional Earphone Jack. This unit is certified (CE) to the quality and performance with a 2 year warranty.

DELUXE Package includes:
  • TS-90V Hand Held Detector
  • SUNS Carrying Case
  • SUNS Holster
  • SUNS Ear Phones
  • 9 Volt Battery
  • Battery Charger Kit.

Manufacturer Part No: TS-90V